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Truecrypt on Yosemite


I got the idea to install TrueCrypt on my OSx running Yosemite (10.10.1) and found this sneaky welcome :

TrueCrypt Error

The end of support from the core development team doesn’t mean to stop using Truecrypt for me (see here and here for the security audit results), I still need it to access my personal volumes.

For now, the current release remains the 7.1a avalaible from TCnext. It requires few tricks to get installed on Yosemite using the DMG file. This post introduces a method to bypass this error thanks to this source.

WARNING please see the fork named veracrypt maintained by IDRIX to be up to date :

Method using the terminal/vim

  1. Open the .dmg and extract the .mpkg in your home
  2. Open the ~/TrueCrypt 7.1a.mpkg/Contents/distribution.dist file with your favorite text editor
  3. On line 13, replace this line :
if(!(system.version.ProductVersion >= '10.4.0')) {

by this one :

if(!(system.version.ProductVersion >= '10.10')) {