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Set up the Front End app on OSx


This post describes the main steps to install and run the PIA front end application. It follows the post about PIA back end application. Please read it first here.

Prepare your environment


  1. You’ve have successfuly deployed the PIA back end application and it’s running on http://localhost:3000
  2. You’re testing the application in a development environment - NO PRODUCTION USE

Environment settings

The following configuration is used to review this application.

  1. OS : OSx 10.13.3
  2. Package manager : homebrew (download and install from :
  3. npm : (Download and run macOS Installer (.pkg) from

PIA front end installation

Let’s work in the local folder ~/app from now. Clone the pia repository from github:

$ git clone

Go to the pia folder:

$ cd pia

Change the local version to 1.6.0 using the tag:

$ git checkout tags/1.6.0

Update npm tool:

$ npm install npm@latest -g

Get the Angular CLI:

$ npm install -g @angular/cli

Install the node modules:

$ npm install

Build the application (development version):

$ ng build

Run the application

Start the web server without option:

$ ng serve

Last but not least, navigate to http://localhost:4200/#/settings and setup the URL of the back office application (default: http://localhost:3000). You can access the application from your browser: http://localhost:4200