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Some notes to start HBase 1.1.2 in standalone mode with Docker on OSx 10.12.

Get the hbase-docker

git clone
cd hbase-docker

Set the HBase version

Changer HBase version with 1.1.2 in Dockerfile:

vim Dockerfile

Build the container

make build

Set the data folder

mkdir data

Start HBase

Start the docker container :

id=$(docker run --name=hbase-docker -h hbase-docker -d -v $PWD/data:/data dajobe/hbase)

Check the container and get the Container ID :

docker ps

See HBase Logs

If you want to see the latest logs live use:

$ docker attach $id
Then ^C to detach.

To see all the logs since the HBase server started, use:

$ docker logs $id
and ^C to detach again.